Governor of Kentucky

“The Kentucky Post-Critical Incident Seminar is a tangible opportunity for the commonwealth to stand behind our officers and serve those who serve us. I have encouraged DOCJT and the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet to pursue this program and make it the best in the country. Our officers deserve nothing less.”

Ohio State Patrol, Ohio ASSIST Program

“I have personally witnessed PCIS save lives, relationships and careers. In three days, the transformation is amazing. People come in nervous, unsure and suspicious, and they leave with a new sense of calm, peace and understanding with hope for the future. Just knowing they are not alone and that others understand and care makes all the difference in the world. It’s one of the very best investments we can make in helping our folks work into a happy and healthy ‘new normal.’”

Clinical Director, South Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program

“After a traumatic incident, some officers feel they may be weak because of their reactions during and after a traumatic event. PCIS is a safe place for officers to discuss their incident and their reactions to the traumatic event. They are telling their stories to fellow officers who have had a similar incident and/or reactions and who understand and will not judge. This is a place where officers find out they are having ‘normal reactions to an abnormal event’ and they are not weak, just normal.”

Cabinet secretary, Kentucky Justice and Public Safety

“We ask Kentucky’s law enforcement to go into our communities each day and remain strong in the face of trauma, tenacious in the face of fear. We ask them to set themselves aside to defend and protect others, even if it means giving their lives. Kentucky has long been committed to providing its law enforcement with the highest-quality training and resources available. It is time we also provide them with the best resources available for their mental health. Statistics show officers everywhere are suffering from aftershocks of the job, and the men and women who serve our commonwealth are not impervious to these conditions. The Post-Critical Incident Seminar is an opportunity for Kentucky to give back to its officers and ensure they have every resource available to sustain their mental health and restore their faith in themselves and their communities.”

Commander, Bowling Green Police Professional Standards

“Police Departments and academies spend countless hours preparing officers for the skills required to be a police officer. Some agencies may have blocks of instruction about what an officer will go through immediately following a critical incident, as well as offering Employee Assistance Programs and other services. Once the officer is cleared to return to duty, though, they may need further assistance in the weeks and months following their critical incident. Having programs for officers to attend after a critical incident allows them additional resources and peer support to assist in continuing to be healthy, happy productive officers, and family members in their respective communities.”