“This is an invaluable program.”

“When it was provided for my husband it was such a relief for me to finally have a resource to help him (and us) learn how to cope with the main traumatic incidents he’s been through. I’m so grateful for the ASSIST program!! It’s clear that much thought was put into planning the past 3 days – from our accommodations to small group organization.  Thank you! This program changed our life. As a participant this time it was very therapeutic to be with fellow spouses that truly understand my feelings. [My husband] and I made even more progress as he shared things with me that he never had before. It’s incredible to feel validated and such a huge, huge relief to know that our marriage cannot only survive, but be happy and fulfilling.”

I’ve never wanted to talk about my incident...”

“...because of my guilt and embarrassment feeling like it was my fault or that I want’s able to prevent it. I told my story to this large group of strangers because they also were hurting. The instant support I felt from my peers was overwhelming and astounding.  I felt a huge weight lifted off of me like I had been carrying a bus around on my back for 7 years. The more I opened up in small group the more I felt myself letting go and I truly believe this is my personal start to actual healing. The way I looked at my incident shifted allowing me to change the way I felt towards it.”

“This seminar saved my life. Feeling suicidal for a long time. This seminar gave me the tools and education to move on and know how to deal with my traumatic events.”

“This was a great program.”

“It was a very diverse group and I really learned a lot about others’ struggles. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone in this profession with any kind of struggle, either personal or professional. The accommodations were very nice as well. I entered the program with a huge weight on my shoulders due to not handling my incidences appropriately within me. I’m leaving today with that weight lifted and the tools I need to continue to keep it off of me.”

“Excellent class!”

“I can’t imagine how it could be improved upon. I feel a 30+ year weight was lifted. I was very sketchy of how it was going to go, I know my 2 years of counseling have helped, but this – between peers and group interaction. I left the EMDR a different person. I wonder what my life would have been like had this been around back then, when I first had the fatal fire – maybe I wouldn’t have had the anger issues, alcohol, seclusion, etc. Tomorrow is my new day. Thank you!”

“I was stuck in rut and this program was the vehicle to get me through the problem. I was able to share things I was internalizing and struggling with. I felt comfortable because of the group itself and the environment.”

“PCIS really helped to pull me from a dark place in my life.”

“Without PCIS I’m not really sure where my career, life and mental health were headed. Thankfully PCIS was offered to me at a time I needed it. Listening to everyone’s story truly helped to show me that I wasn’t alone in this. The PCIS peer support was amazing! Prior to Post Critical Incident Seminar I was in a dark place with a host of cumulative critical incidents in my twenty years as a law enforcement officer and I had no real direction of where to go for help. While I knew I was in definite need for help, there was nothing offered outside of an agency debrief and a visit to an agency paid psychologist. Law enforcement officers are scared to admit they need help, due to agency criticism or peer ridiculing. From the academy LEO’s are taught to not allow critical incidents to affect them. However, that couldn’t be farther from what should actually be taught. LEO’s need this to maintain a safe, healthy and proactive career. With that said, I now know I desperately needed PCIS. Now I know how to help my brothers and sisters in blue in the event of a future critical incident.”

“Very good info, insight.”

“The first day was very impactful. Good breaks. Coming into this program I did not quite understand what it was about. The first day was INTENSE! Listening to the stories, seeing the other side on how the situation affected the person in the stories that I had read or heard about showed me the aftermath, “real” story to the crisis that happened. Next day the small groups that were into further depth helped people say their feeling out loud, maybe for the first time. Throughout this process I realized that if I take on someone else’s burden, it will weigh me down, which is not helpful for my sanity. I learned new techniques on how to deal with someone else who has issues. And in the future, when something tragic happens, I can use this information to tell my mind, ‘I will stand up again.’”