Law Enforcement officers and Telecommunicators who have deployed to combat zones or had training related incidents are just like everyone else. Many times they experience issues relating to separation from love ones, suffer reactions of stress from deployment/training incidents or from simply living in combat zones. Some may find it difficult to make transitioning back into work, family and personal life.

We are now offering veterans access to Kentucky Post-Critical Incident Seminar Military (KYPCIS-M). The mission is to support fellow Kentucky law enforcement officers and telecommunicators who have experienced a critical incident while being deployed or during military training. KYPCIS-M will offer law enforcement and dispatch professionals an avenue to properly manage the aftermath of critical incidents.

Programs and services offered with the KYPCIS-M include one-on-one peer support, one-on-one mental health support, and blocks of instruction on grief, relationships, resilience training, medication and stress management and referral to other services available.

We encourage a participant’s wife, husband or significant other to attend as well.

With respect, honor and gratitude, thank you for your service.